Before you take that big trip abroad, if you have yet to perfect the art of negotiation, it’s time to brush up! In certain countries, like the United States, negotiating on price for goods or services is often frowned upon, and is not the mainstream way to make purchases. However, in many other areas around the world, negotiating is a way of life – in fact, it is expected. If you didn’t grow up with these ideals, and the understanding of the back and forth exchange involved in buying in markets overseas, allow me to help you to reshape your mind in order to negotiate successfully abroad.

Just a bit of background about me – I am a business owner, and with that comes an early understanding of how to negotiate shamelessly to get to the price that you want. I am also very thrifty in nature, and love to land a great bargain, wherever I can find one. I have taken these skills with me into my travel experiences, and over the years have perfected the art of negotiating abroad. Here I will share with you some of my best tips:

Aurelia Abroad

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