There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing Bali is…….
Where to stay: I highly recommend getting a villa in Ubud which is the country side. Do Ubud for at least two days for complete relaxation. Then switch over to a hotel in Kuta, which is the city and close the airport. There is also a ton of great night life and beach clubs in Kuta. It’s a nonstop In Kuta I stayed at the Stones resort which is Marriott owned and absolutely amazing.

Getting around: Hire yourself a driver, it’s super cheap ends up breaking down to be about 4 dollars an hour including gas which is an absolute steal! If you can ride a scooter there available for rent everywhere!

Cuisine: Prepare yourself for an Asian/ Indian flavoring. Meals were averaging to be about 20 bucks including tip for two people.Lots of fresh tropical fruit. Breakfast usually cost about 3 dollars and includes a lot.

Currency: Expect to be all the way confused. One USD is 14,000 rupees it takes some getting used too.

Tiffany Chung

Instagram: @Tiffyuptop


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