10 Tips to Play Mas Like a Pro

First off the term “Playing Mas” means that you are participating in carnival with a band. We decided to go to Barbados’s Crop Over, and I must say we did a lot of things wrong, so I’m giving you these tips so you don’t make the same mistakes we did.

1) Start your search for a band around 6 months out-
All you need to do is go to Google and type in “Mas Bands for Crop Over,” and a list should come up. It is best to follow the bands on Instagram, because that’s where they put most of their information.

2) The price you pay is for an entire package-
We picked the band Kontact, because their costumes were still pretty but affordable. They were a little unorganized though.

3) Get an Airbnb –
We staying on the Southwest near Dover beach and it was the hood. The nicer resorts are on the opposite side of town, and far from where Carnival takes place

4) Never be in a hurry-
Bajans are never on time to anything. We got to every event when they told us to, and the coordinators would be over an hour late.

5) Bring Your Own Liquor-
You can bring 2 liters of alcohol into Barbados via your check in bag. They mainly drink Rum Bunch or beer

6) Bring over $350 Cash-
FOOD IS NOT CHEAP. We paid on average $20 per meal. Their money is exactly double of ours, so if you exchange our money, it really wont make a difference.

7) Taxi service-
Everything is very spread out, so calculate for about $25 per route.

8) Food-
Their flying fish was the best where ever we went. Their red fish still has the head on it, and that was a NO for us. I would bring my own seasoning as well, because their food was bland.

9) Hydrate

10) Be prepared to walk-
Be prepared to walk 13 or so miles on Kadooment Day. We were not ready at all. I would recommend arriving late, and make sure your band has a cool down vehicle.

Places visited:
McBrides Night Club
Ms. Pats Place
Nikki Beach
Tides Barbados Restaurant
Bridgetown Town Square

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