Barcelona & Madrid


Things to Do:
Wine Tasting
Eating tapas!
Rooptop bars
Beach hopping
Amusement parks
Soccer games

Where to Stay:
Anywhere thats downtown and near all of the attractions. If you’re on a budget, stay at Hotel VP Jardin. There is a bus stop across the street and downtown is only two stops away.

The Best Clubs:
Opium -dope club on the beach!
Goya Social Club
La Terrrazza

Advice: try not to eat/shop at places that are close to tourist attractions, they arent as good as the cafes on smaller blocks and they charge more because they know you’re a tourist.

Things to eat/drink:
There’s Sangria at every restaurant (red wine). They have gelato on almost every corner (ice cream). They eat “tapas” everywhere (in America we call them appetizers). Dinner: steak, chicken, pasta.

Places to Go:
Dear Madrid -Hotel with pool & rooftop bar, free admission, even if you’re not a hotel guest there

Raimunda -a restaurant with the best steak I’ve ever had

Cercedilla -a chance to escape the city & ride some horses

Opium -a dope club on the beach. During the daytime it’s a restaurant

Park Guell -where the Cheetah Girls was filmed, very pretty

Tang Chu -Great Chinese food

Chueca -A small neighborhood in Madrid with great prices for food, wine, shopping and exchange rates

La Barceloneta -one of their many beaches; with boat rides available for 8 euros, shopping malls, and restaurants. (Don’t be surprised if you see people topless…or bottomless)

Sagrada Familia -huge church in Barcelona

Currency exchange:
I recommend doing currency exchanges at small atm’s or at the mall. Most of the fees are too high anywhere else.

Getting around:
I recommend buying a metro pass to get around, it’s cheaper, easier and gives you a better experience of their everyday culture/lifestyle. You can buy a metro pass for 14 euros and receive 10 swipes. It’s more convenient and cheaper than uber.

Carry a fanny pack or small backpack, carry a portable charger and make sure you use wifi at restaurants if you do not have cellular data!

Asia Carter

Instagram: @_ms_carter


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