Rolling green hills, cobblestone streets, which we were once graced with footsteps of some the most prolific authors. Ireland is a country that I can not stress enough should be visited. Start the journey with a visit to Dublin. The trek to Dublin is becoming quite affordable if you travel during the right times of the year. For example I left from Phoenix on British Airways for $575 roundtrip with a layover in London. I found this fare on one of my favorite go to travel apps being Skyscanner , which comes through when you have a travel idea moment. Right now for example it is $622 from Phoenix March 9-16, 2020. Once in Dublin the city it’s offerings become affordable.

There are a plethora of great Airbnbs in Dublin for all budget ranges, but the place I stayed, which I will shamelessly plug is The Red Cow Moran . This is a hotel that is situated in West Dublin with easy access to public transportation, about a 5 minute walk to tramway station. Red Cow averages about $110 a night.

Unless you plan on touring all of Ireland a car is not needed. Their public transportation is nice and pretty clean. The LUAS system is relatively economical with a 7 day pass to 5-8 zones (parts of the city) being $31.64 with current exchange rate. I strongly recommend downloading the LUAS app, which alerts you when the train is arriving and other travel updates.

There is so much to do in Dublin and it can seem a bit overwhelming. If you are a nerd such as myself I recommend checking out Dublin Writers Museum, a beautiful small museum dedicated to the literary history of Dublin. For cigar enthusiasts, I recommend a visit to James Fox Cigar , which has beautiful selection of cigars as well as some must try whiskey. Follow them on Instagram to see what tastings they are offering in store.

Creating a Groupon account for Ireland helps a ton finding great tours for amazing prices. Make sure to read for full links & details


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