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So here are all the details you need to know about renting a yacht in Cartagena, Colombia (based on my experience) #SwipeForDeets

I booked the yacht 🛥 through @boatingcartagena. I originally found the company on Google just by simply googling “Cartagena Yacht Rentals”.
I went on the website, and chose the yacht we wanted along with the time frame we preferred; 8hrs (which came up to less than 700 USD). Within an hour, I was emailed immediately with all the details I needed to know about the rental. After I read the email I realized we needed to pay a bit extra for an English translator (price remained under 700 USD), and also realized we were able to bring our own food and alcohol on board. Which were very important factors to know. I checked in with my friends and everyone was ok with the prices etc so I went forward with the process.
The company asked me to send a photo of my passport which I’m not gonna lie I hate to do but they needed it for insurance reasons. So I had no choice lol. Once my passport was verified they sent me an invoice immediately. And we were booked! #SwipeForDeets

Khloe Summer

Instagram: @Khloe.Fifty.50


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