Where to Stay: When searching for a hotel I wanted to stay somewhere centrally located that was close to the sites, restaurants, and nightlife. In Cartagena the two common areas to stay in are either Bocagrande or The Walled City. If you are interested in being closer to the beach then Bocagrande is for you. Staying in the Walled City attracted me due to everything being in walking distance. Major tourist attractions such as Getsemani, museums, and the clock tower were all 10 minute walks from our accommodation. When looking for hotels I knew that I adored the style of boutique hotels what also attracted me to stay in the walled city seeing that the historic area is full of them.
Must see sites: Number one on the list is San Basilio de Palenque, informally known as Palenque. Upon arrival the locals described Palenque to us as “a piece of Africa in the Americas”. Palenque is a town rich with African history and culture and a sight to see.
Getsemani is a neighborhood that is a short walk outside of the walled city. Getsemani is less crowded than the walled city and you can easily walk through the town and admire their beautiful mural covered streets. If you are someone who likes to party many of Cartagena’s bars and nightclubs are found in this area as well.
Rosario Islands are a popular tourist destination but there are so many islands to choose from. The Rosario Islands are easily accessible by speedboat. Each island offers something different to cater to your needs. I visited Bendita Beach because I was looking for a private island with areas to tan and relax. Bendita beach was beautiful with four different beaches to choose from surrounded by pristine blue waters as well as an inclusive lunch, and a full service bar.
Lastly, my absolute favorite restaurant was Cande. It’s a fine dining restaurant with excellent service, beautiful decor, and amazing Colombian food with a luxurious twist.
Colombia is now one of my FAVORITE places I’ve visited and I can’t wait to return!
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Danielle Whitehurst

Instagram: @Daniee.vw


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