Friends have asked how I travel so much. I don’t have a fancy job or a sugar zaddy. I’ve used Groupon to travel to 5 countries. People turn up their noses to this but I have seen some amazing places on a budget. Groupon is basically a broker for travel pages listing their deals. This trip to Cartagena was $314 for flight and hotel for 4 days 3 nights. If you’re interested I have listed tips for using Groupon travel.
1. Filter search for all inclusive (flight/hotel not alcohol)
2. READ EVERYTHING! Prices are based on double occupancy or pay an extra fee for solo travel. See what’s included. Tours are usually an additional fee. Compare other tour prices. Sometimes the upgrade fee is worth it.
3. Google search the hotel for photos and reviews. Research the travel company.
4. Select option dates and departing city. Prices might be higher depending where you live. Check the weather for that time of year and any events that might be happening, festivals, or religious observances. The lower prices are generally off season. Which for me means shorter lines.
5. Put the money you saved on other expenses such as food, taxis, tips and souvenirs.

Tracey Bostic

Instagram: @Creamwrx


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