Benefits of Traveling Alone.

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In my opinion….

1. No one to filter your experience: you don’t have to split your attention between your own experience and the experience of your companions. You can allow yourself to be more engaged in the moment.

2. You can do what you want, when you want, how you want: You can be spontaneous without accounting for anyone else’s feelings or reservations. Think of things that you’ve missed out on just because the next person or the “rest of the group” wasn’t interested. Not the case here! If you want to sleep in until 12pm or be at a certain spot until 2am, it’s whatever. Do you!
3. Meeting People: If you are not a conversationalist, you’re going to have to push yourself out of that little box. You will meet people you would’ve never met if you were traveling with a group because when you travel with people, you tend to focus most of your attention on them. Also, people tend to be more willing to share ways for you to have a great time just because you did trave
4.Time for Reflection: Again, no distractions from others…just you and your thoughts. It makes you realize that you never get time alone to do this in the most authentic way possible.

If you wait for certain experiences while “waiting on friends/people,” then you will almost always miss out on opportunities. That just goes for anything in life. Don’t wait on people. Just Do It!


Ihuoma E. Ukoh
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I highly recommend hostels. They are great ways to meet others who are traveling the world. Listen to their stories, their Do’s and Don’ts, their nightmare situations, and places to avoid.

In Barcelona I shared a room with 15 others, all strangers, and had an amazing time, and received amazing advice that led me to an awesome tour in London, that led me to Chavon, a roommate who let me take an amazing photo of her. “If you’re ever in (name country), come visit me,” you hear, and you do it.

These are typically people who know how to live. They know how to navigate through the world, and although they’re living a very fun, carefree life, they will one day dominate whatever it is they’re doing in the world.

As an African-American, staying in hostels is a foreign concept because most of us grew up with parents who warned us heavily about strangers, strange places, and such. I have female friends, also African-American, who are scared shitless to travel alone, and will give a million excuses as to why they can’t. Then I meet 30 white girls in a hostel, all traveling alone throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

The best hostel so far: Urbany Hostel in Barcelona. I give it a 10 out of 10. Amazing service, great price, amazing people.

If you stay in a hostel:

1. Be engaging! Talk with the others staying there, learn about their travels, ask questions, answer questions, be open and free. You will probably never see them again.

2. If you’re traveling with valuables, make sure the hostel has lockers or personal safes. You don’t wanna carry all your things with you when you’re out exploring.

3. Make sure to take a towel and washcloth and all necessities. Most don’t provide these things free.

4. Make sure it doesn’t have a curfew, and read the description thoroughly to make sure the demographic suits you. Some allow families, some allow folks older than 35, some allow minors.

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“10 Random Fashionable Things to do in Paris” Blog by @randomandchic

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1. Musee Galliera-The Museum of Fashion is a fashion lovers historical paradise. The building itself is so majestic and beautiful, making for a great selfie backdrop. Inside is over 3 centuries of photography, art, garments, and accessories.

2.*Josephine Baker Walk Tour– Josephine Baker is the epitome of an innovator and style icon. Her style can be seen often imitated by some of our fav celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna to name a few. So, to be able to see where this legend called home and walk in her shoes for a day is pretty freaking amazing.

3. 31 Rue Cambon-This is the address to the first ever Chanel Boutique…EVER! While it still operates as a full functioning retail store it’s a great sight to see. It’s very inspiring to know that from this very store a fashion history was and is still continuing to be made. Also, the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. They even allow you to take pictures. 

4. Champs-Elysees– Its not only home to the Chanel store. Also, it hosts every high end designer imaginable all next door to one another. You have Hermes, Balenciaga, Prada, Fendi and etc. The sight of it all is damn near orgasmic or maybe i’m the only one that gets that excited.   Side note: many people (me) who come as a tourist may not be able to afford to even pay attention in these stores. Or perhaps only have the budget for one major purchase. I strongly encourage that for a more memorable experience you going into these store. Not only window shop but to trying on all your hearts desires all while drinking the free champagne.  I find that many people are intimidated by the aura or the snobby looks on the employees faces of a high end store. But let me reassure you that many of the associates working there can’t afford it either. So, indulge in couture even if it’s just for a few minutes.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Showroom Tour-This tour will allow you to experience the private studio of Yves Saint Laurent which is the birth of the late iconic designer’s vision. It’s a great behind the scenes look of all in which goes into building a brand as gargantuan as Saint Lauren.

6. St. Ouen Paris Flea Market-This is where high end meets vintage, and accessories, furniture, and knick-knacks all come to hang out. You can find the most unusual rarities all for a great price. When I travel I have a rule that I can only purchase an item that I can not find in Houston (home). It has to be something that at first glance you recognize is from foreign lands. This place will most definitely provide you with a one of a kind Parisian shopping experience.

7. Le Forum De Halles Shopping Center-This is a shopping center I randomly stumbled across while looking for a train station. Its here that you will get the chance to see a diverse crowd of stylish locals sprinkled with tourist. Its a combination park, underground mall, and subway station all wrapped into one. Above the underground mall is a slew of quaint cafes and bomb ass stores. I stumbled across a shoe store that had the best selection of flats, sandals, and tennis shoes all for under 25 Euro…unfortunately I forgot the name. But the were tons of other amazing stores to choose from.

8. Bastille, Paris Nightlife-I had the luxury of being introduced to this strip of bars from someone who lives in Paris. This street is filled with extremely effortlessly stylish people bouncing around from bar to bar. All of which either played Hip Hop or EDM music. I love feeling like I’m a local while on vacay. But, obviously my lack of French was a dead giveaway. The best part of it all is a front row seat to the fashion, music and dance style of the trendiest Parishioners. Also, you get to ball so hard m**tha f***ers wanna fine me (I know I’m lame).

9. Club 79– Is the absolute most epic night club ever! It’s where the elite all come to party until 5am in the morning. Bottles of Dom Periogn being popped all night, sexy burlesque dancers wall to wall, and not to mention the strobe lights on the dance floor making you feel like Beyoncé. The best part of it all was the ratchet playlist from Rich Homie Quan to Waka Flacka. I truly had the most amazing time in this club.Side note: in Paris everyone wears black especially in the bars and club. I wore a really vibrant orange dress and I think the music may have stopped when I walked in. I don’t mind sticking out like a soar thumb but if you want to blend in wear BLACK.

10. Eiffel Tower-Duh! I think a Fierce ensemble and the Eiffel Tower always make for a major fashion moment.