COVID-19 Survival Kit For The Hotel Industry


We all know, COVID-19 has led the entire world to come to a standstill. And, not a day goes by without hearing information on coronavirus and its negative impact on travel and hospitality businesses. 

We are pretty sure, things would never be the same after this phase ends. As rightly said, it’ll be the “NEW NORMAL” that we’ll be living in.

Social distancing, preferring to stay at home, a contactless journey; that’s what people would favor most. Hence, the most important thing currently is, to “survive” and plan the future of your business.

So, we have come up with a COVID19 SURVIVAL KIT for hotels to help you keep your business alive and future-ready.

Basically, these are a list of resources that would help the hospitality industry to overcome the difficulties that COVID-19 brings.

We advise you to refer to each one of these in detail and accordingly plan the best for your hotel business. 

How Hotels Can Be Safe from Coronavirus?

Post this pandemic, as a hotel, there are a lot many preventive measures that you will have to adapt and ensure the safety of your guests. So here, we have given a detailed explanation on the what, why, and how of COVID-19 and which preventive measures should hotels take to assure a safe stay to your guests.

How to Keep Your Hotel Business Safe From COVID-19?

Presently, you might be experiencing a bad time in your business with low to zero occupancies. However, there are still a lot of important things that you should focus on to keep your hotel business safe from this deadly virus. Here, we have listed some simple and adaptable measures that hotels can take to keep their business safe from this downtime.

Strategies to Lift Your Hotel Business After COVID-19 Outbreak

Earlier this year, who would’ve imagined that 3 months into this new decade, global travel will be shut down? Nonetheless, we all are aware that the hospitality industry is the most affected one currently; with no sign of hope when people would resume travel. So, here are some best strategies for you to prepare and lift your hotel business after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Smart Cost-Saving Ideas for Hotels

Efficient operations in hotels are dependent on how well you manage your expenses. And, currently, with no business coming in, we’re sure “saving costs” would be the first thing to consider. Thus, for having a successful business in the near future, here’s how this blog would be beneficial to you. Check out the best cost-saving ideas for hotels and implement the applicable ways to reduce it at your property; ensuring maximum profits.

A Complete Guide to Hotel Email Marketing

Emails have been an evergreen marketing strategy for any business and are the most common means of communication currently. It helps you to engage and connect with your existing as well as past guests in a much simpler way. So, while practicing social distancing, this is the best way to stay connected with your guests and keep them informed about the in and out of your hotel. Here’s where this comprehensive guide to hotel email marketing will help you to understand its importance and rightly implement it at your property.

Simple Steps to do Social Media Marketing for Hotels [Free Templates]

Social media marketing for hotels can do wonders if done right. Needless to say, there are an immense number of users on social media that can give you great business opportunities. And, at present, it is the safest and effective way to engage with your guests. Thus, while you’re not occupied with operations right now, it’s the perfect time for you to focus on it, improve your presence, and promote your property. Here, as a part of the COVID19 survival kit for hotels; you can find out some great ways to make the most of your hotel business through social media.

A Complete Guide to SEO for Hotels [FREE Checklist Inside]

In this digital age, having a website has become a necessity for hotel businesses. As we know, most of your audience lands on your website through the search engines. So, it is absolutely necessary to appear on the top of the search engine results.

Moreover, the better your online presence is, the higher will be your bookings. And, now, as you have plenty of time to invest in your business, this is exactly what you can focus on. So, our COVID19 survival kit for hotels includes a complete guide on how to improve your hotel website by performing SEO; through some simple and actionable steps.

How to Effectively Design Hotel Booking Confirmation Email? [FREE Templates Inside]

Confirmation emails are very important as they give an acknowledgment to your guests for the booking they have made. However, not just sending an email is essential, instead, sending the RIGHT one is more important. And, we are sure you must be doing so. But, now is the right time to re-check if your confirmation emails have all of these necessary details. For this, we have designed a complete guide that shows you how to make the best hotel reservation voucher along with some ready-to-use free templates.

How to Respond to Negative and Positive Hotel Reviews? [FREE Templates]

Reviews are the face of your hotel. It can be good or bad. But, they are a great way to promote your business, it’s branding as well as attracting more guests. So, why not focus on that now amid your lockdown time? All you got to do is respond to them well and on time, thus providing a great customer experience.

Check out if you have missed responding to any of your previous reviews. If so, this blog will guide you all about how to respond to hotel reviews (especially the negative ones) along with some free templates inside.

Proven Ways to Increase Low Season Hotel Occupancy

Low seasons can make or break a property, particularly if budgets are already tight. And, if your hotel is already operating on threadbare profit margins, any significant dip in bookings and revenue can spell disaster.

Because of this outbreak; we are sure that you may face a low season crunch even after the pandemic has receded. So, we want to share a great way to attract more bookings at such times in this COVID19 survival kit for hotels. All are proven strategies to help you come across as a winner in these tough times.

Powerful Hotel Pricing Strategies to Implement

With no pricing strategy, it is almost impossible for hotels to grow successfully in the hospitality industry. So, if you don’t want to lose your customers and competition in the market once the lockdown ends; then start thinking on the RIGHT room pricing. Here, we have listed the effective pricing strategies for you to implement and understand better with some great examples inside.

Best Hotel Promotion Ideas You Can Use

If you don’t promote your business it will definitely die. And, if you don’t do so now, your guests would probably forget you by the time COVID-19 ends. However, if done in a proper way, it’ll help you to attract more guests as well as enhance your business revenue in the near future.

So, for you, here are the sure-fire ideas of hotel promotion. Start applying them now to make your business future-ready.

Great Ways to Increase Direct Bookings on Your Hotel Website

Commission-free bookings are of course more profitable than those coming from OTAs. In a post COVID19 era, direct bookings would earn higher importance; mainly because they’d lower your guest acquisition cost.

So, in this COVID19 survival kit for hotels, we’re sharing some of the best ways to increase direct bookings on your website along with ways to save up on your OTA commissions.

Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies to Get More Bookings

Hotel digital marketing, nowadays, plays a vital role in revenue generation for hotels. Having said that, in today’s era, most of the guests search for a hotel online i.e metasearch engines, social channels, Google, Yahoo or so.

Thus, to get more bookings post the COVID-19 phase, it is crucial for you to be where your guests want you to be. And, this can be done when you apply some great digital marketing strategies that we’ve listed here. Go through each of these and see which ones can be most effective for you.

How to do Upselling in Hotels? [Remarkable Ways Inside]

Upselling is a great opportunity to enhance the average revenue that a hotel makes from its guests. Doing so can help you to encourage your guests to pay more for a similar but higher quality product.

So, this is a great way to cope up with the expenses that you’ve lost during these months of lockdown. It’ll guide you here, on what it is, its benefits to hoteliers, why should you do so, and what are the various ways of upselling in hotels.

Practical Methods to Increase Repeat Guests at Your Hotel [Easy to Apply]

Naturally, post the pandemic it’ll be difficult for you to attract new guests to your property. So, repeat guests would work the best during that time. And, as we are aware that, repeat guests are like an investment for a hotel.

The more the investment (your loyal guests), the more will be the return (business ROI). In this COVID19 survival kit for hotels, this blog will help you in applying some powerful tips to increase repeat guests at your property as well as get better business profitability.

Ways to Improve Hotel Guest Experience

Right from the time when your guests have booked their stay, until they are leaving your hotel, and even after that; guest experience plays a very crucial part. Moreover, if your guests are happy, they would possibly recommend others to visit your hotel; thus gaining more guests as well as revenue.

So, not only after the pandemic, but even later this is one very important thing that you should focus on to achieve greater business. Explore some great ideas here to improve your hotel’s guest experience.

How to Reduce Last Minute No-show & Booking Cancellations at your Hotel?

Naturally, when you receive a booking, you would sometimes come across no-shows or cancellations by your guests (the reasons could be any). Also, we know, lately, you have experienced a lot of booking cancellations. And, we are sure you don’t want that to happen anymore. So, here are some ways through which you can reduce your last minute no-shows and booking cancellations at your hotel.

Essential Hotel KPIs to Track Your Performance [Free eBook]

Any business, big or small needs to watch its performance periodically to evaluate its success. The key performance indicators (KPI), therefore, are used at various levels to determine the overall success of your business.

Moreover, once things settle down and your operations are back on track, you should definitely analyze and focus on measuring your hotel’s performance at various levels. To help you with it, in this blogpost (eBook), we have listed the most essential hotel KPIs along with tips and actionable steps.

Top Hotel Revenue Management Strategies to Adopt [BONUS Inside]

Revenue management is all about selling, the right room to the right guest at the right moment at the right price and on the right platform. Moreover, it is a process of analyzing your customers’ demand and offering the best rates to them.

Thus, to optimize your revenue and attract more guests, post the pandemic; here are some solid hotel revenue management strategies that you can adopt to make the most of your business.


The hotel industry is vast, and everyday there is something new coming up through the emerging trends and guest expectations. 

However, here we have ensured to cover maximum resources that will benefit the hotel industry to survive the COVID-19 phase. 

In the end, there are a variety of ways to overcome these unexpected and challenging times. And, taking the above actions will help you to to make the most of your business. 

Moreover, if we come across any new resources, we would definitely keep updating them here. Till then, do let us know how this works out for you (via comments), and if you need any guidance to implement it.

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The post COVID-19 Survival Kit For The Hotel Industry appeared first on eZee Absolute.


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