Daejeon wine festival | 대전 와인 축제입니다

I’ve never been so wine drunk🍷Wine loves! This is your heaven⛅

10,000₩ to get in
3,000₩ for a wine glass (or just bring your own)
Food trucks and snacks for purchasing (Although the actual food is a bit overpriced) (p.s.- the dark chocolate covered pretzels was a personal favorite)
Unlimited white and red wine, beer and liquor tasting (but mostly wine of course🍷😉)
You’re not leaving sober🤪 (duh!)

As a person who usually does not like wine, I found, and even purchased, a bottle that was absolutely delicious! I can’t wait for next year to expand my taste!

Make sure you stop by the actual wine vendors for tasting. The free wine rooms are nice, but the good stuff is with the vendors. Don’t worry, no one pressures you to buy anything🤗

Hmmm, but how will you get there. You have the option of taking a bus, subway or taxi. The bus or subway may be the easiest option, as they’ll get you the closest. I prefer the taxi, so I took a 20 minute ride for about 4,000₩ (less than $4!)


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