EasyJet Wants to Hire 450 Pilots But Will Have a Challenge Recruiting Them


EasyJet is launching its largest ever pilot recruitment drive.

Skift Take: EasyJet’s growth plans hinge on having the requisite number of pilots to fly its aircraft. It will have to offer enticing packages to recruit the right people in an era of shortages.

— Patrick Whyte

UK-based airline EasyJet is launching its largest ever pilot recruitment drive as it looks to push ahead with its fleet growth.

The carrier wants 450 new candidates to fill positions ranging from cadets starting their career to experienced co-pilots and captains.

While EasyJet is undoubtedly an attractive prospect, the airline will face considerable challenges.

The continued aviation boom, particularly in Asia, has meant increased competition and last year Boeing said there was a need for 617,000 new pilots between by 2035.

EasyJet currently employs more than 3000 pilots and last year the airline brought onboard 426 new recruits.

As part of its campaign, EasyJet is also hoping to boost the number of female pilots it employs through its Amy Johnson initiative. Women make up only 3 percent of airline pilots worldwide. EasyJet says that it currently has 164, representing 14 percent of the world’s total.

By 2020 EasyJet wants 20 percent of new entrant cadet pilots to be female.


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