El Nido


You cannot go to the Philippines and not go to El Nido. This place is amazing. Crystal blue water and white sand beaches like you’ve never seen before. El Nido is pretty small with little to no WiFi access. Getting there can be a struggle if you’re not paying attention. You can fly from Manila to pudra princesa and then take a can yo el nido for about $24 however it will take you all day to get there. At least 8 hours. The option I chose was to fly directly into El nido with AirSWIFT. This is the only airline that flies directly to El Nido. We stayed at the Buko Resort which is considered luxury. Loved it. The bungalow cottages are located on the beach with an outdoor shower and bathroom and the food is amazing. They offer massage services where they give you massages in your room. El Nido is known for its island hopping tours. We did tour A with a private tour. It’s about $85 a person but the perks include having your own boat, you eat your own lunch of your choice that they provide for you and you wet to tell them which island you want to go to. You leave whenever you want as opposed to a group you have to do it in a specific order with Loya of crowds. If you have a choice between the big and small lagoon I would recommend the small lagoon. It’s wxac the same with way less crowds. All in all El Nido is amazing!


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