While Exumas is beautiful it is very expensive so be prepared to spend more than you normally would on vacation. The flights to Exumas out of ATL are 2 hours long and cost about $300-$450. I stayed in Exuma for 3 nights and Nassau for 1 night. The flights between the two islands are about 30 minutes long and cost anywhere from $60-$120 depending on when you book them, you can also take a speedboat. I stayed at Club Peace N Plenty in Georgetown which was about $179 per night and booked all of my excursions through the hotel. We did a full day tour with the company Aquaquest and I would definitely recommend them. The guides were very nice and accommodating, and we never felt rushed at the stops. The tour consisted of swimming with the pigs, swimming with nurse sharks on compass cay, visiting iguana beach, having lunch on a sandbar, snorkeling at Pablo Escobar’s sunken drug plane, snorkeling with turtles, and Bahamian lunch buffet at a restaurant on the water. The tour cost $250 per person, but each company has different price packages for their tours and they range from $180-$379 per person so it depends on your budget. Exuma is very quiet and laid back so I wouldn’t recommend going there to party, more so to relax and enjoy the island. While in Nassau we stayed at the SLS Baha Mar and the cost ranges from $250-$500/night very pricey but worth it. Everything that you need and want while on vacation is avaible at the resort, so you definitely get what you pay for. They have tons of restaurants and shops, food trucks, 7 pools, a nightclub, a flamingo pond with a flamingo parade daily, and private beach access. All in all a great place to visit, getting there is cheap flight wise but once you’re there, not so much.

Shenicquia Fulton

Instagram: @hey_gorgess


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