Jerome, Arizona


So this past April I found myself in Jerome Arizona. An old haunted mining town. Yes it’s a tourist attraction but I have to admit it has its charm I would defiantly visit again, After a long day of walking and going from small shop to small shop we grew hungry. I wanted a burger. Where else to get one but at the Haunted Hamburger Restaurant. As I walked in I was in awe of all the old pictures of ” Ghost’s ” in the restaurant. Apparently this place is haunted and people take pictures and ghosts sometimes appear in them and they hand those pictures on the wall so the patrons see them. I found myself snapping pictures and then immediately checking to see if I managed to catch one on film. I know it’s a little childish but I am a giant kid. We had kids with us and they gave us a private room to eat which was upstairs. I gather they did not want a toddler and a 5 yr. old to bother the other customers. As I walked up the stairs I was in awe of the giant window that was perfect to see the beautiful scenery. Our waitress was nice and friendly gave us the menu and there where so many options of burgers I could not decide what to order. I fell back on my habit of asking what do you like to eat here, that is always a great way of ordering food from an unfamiliar place. I ordered an avocado bacon cheese burger with a loaded potato. As soon I am seen this beauty I fell in love with it, it was so beautiful I did not want to eat it. But I was hungry and I did come to eat after all. Poor thing had no chance. It was delicious. So if you happen to be in Jerome Az. Stop in this nice creepy place for good food and scenery.

Brittany Bryant



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