La Guajira


Looking to check the desert off my bucket list I’ve decided to make it happen while in Colombia. I packed a bag consisting of with a few Nike dri fit t-shirts and tank, swimming trunks, comfortable shorts, flip flop, sunscreen, and toiletries. The current rate of 2950 per us. I took 600,000 pesos out the atm and started my 2-day journey to the most northern point of South America.


To get here I flew into Cartagena and took the bus to Santa Marta where I spend a few days before leaving for the desert. Altogether you will have to take a bus, colectivo, a 4×4 Jeep and a boat to get to Punta Gallinas. If you start early in the day, it may be possible to get there in one day but will take at least 12 hours. I went from Santa Marta to Riohacha, Riohacha to Uribia, Uribia to Cabo de la Vela, Cabo de la Vela to Punta Gallinas.

Lodging and food

Lodging options range from a hammock for 15,000 pesos to a private room for 35,000 pesos per night. I love to eat so food cost me about 150,000. If you like fish then you’re in the right place, they catch them daily.


You can use your phone but it will definitely be roaming. Everywhere I go I use the app to download all maps of the area I’m traveling to. This app allows you to use it offline without cell service or Wi-Fi.

Traveling tips

I would suggest making it to Cabo de la Vela the first day and spend the night. This town is remote but offers a great opportunity to relax and watch some great kite surfing. It is known as one of the best places in the world to learn to kitesurf. The city if Uribia is the indigenous capital of Colombia. The indigenous Wayuu People produce one of Colombia’s most popular souvenirs, the Mochila bag. Punta Gallinas known to be the most northern point of South American but I came to see Dunas de Taroa. This is where the deserts run into the Caribbean Sea.


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