Las Vegas/Grand Canyon


For my 33rd bday I decided to take a solo trip to Vegas/Grand Canyon. The flight from Dallas to Vegas was $200 RT on Spirit. I stayed at the SLS Las Vegas originally $330 for two nights but with $25 upgrade a night my room was beautiful. The hotel was right off the monorail which I learned very quickly was the quickest and most affordable way to get up and down the strip. You can get daily passes off Groupon or directly off the Las Vegas monorail website. I purchased a 3 day unlimited pass for $21. For my day trip to the Grand Canyon I chose to do the west rim so I could do the skywalk which I highly recommend. I went with Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour company and the cost was $249.59. If you chose this tour it is an ALL day tour so please keep that in mind. They picked me up at the hotel at 6:10am and we returned to Vegas around 6:30pm, my tour was a Saturday so the return time may be later on weekday tours do to traffic. The tour included a very light breakfast and water bottles and transportation on a coach bus with sandwiches for lunch. You make a stop on the other side of the Hoover dam for a picture opportunity and then on to the Grand Canyon. The skywalk is located on the Native American reservation of the Hualapai. I chose this side of the Grand Canyon one because of the unique opportunity to walk the skywalk but also because the proceeds go to the reservation. With this tour you also have 4 hours at the Canyon that may seem excessive but it is not. On the skywalk you are not allowed to take any of your belongs they give you a locker for free. If you desire to have a picture from the skywalk they have photographers that take about 16 shots. Once off the skywalk you can purchase them one for $16.99 or all the shots for $64. I’m a sucker for photos so naturally I brought all of them. This was my first solo trip and I couldn’t be happier I did it. This is also my first travel blog hopefully the beginning of many and I hope if you haven’t visited the Grand Canyon this makes you want to go.

Marlene Macon

Instagram: @Beautifulqueen_0125


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