Martha Brae


No church in the wild.

#MarthaBrae is beautiful!! The water comes from the mountains and spews from the rocks. It’s really cold so jump in at your own risk. I jumped in, of course, bc I’m Miss Adventurous and after a few seconds the water feels great.

We traveled from the airport straight to the river. We found a driver to take us (2 ladies) for $100 USD. That included a round trip to Martha Brae (yes, he will wait for you to finish), Scotches (it’s on the way…get the jerk chicken plate and red stripe $8USD), and a drive through town to see the local grocery store, police station, and hospital. And our driver gave us some lucky charms just because he said we were so sweet and he wanted us to really enjoy Jamaica.

Martha Brae was $55/each. A few tips to get good shots. The view in the back of you is a better photo. If you happen to go at the same time as another raft, ask them to take your picture of the both of you. I highly recommend bringing a professional camera if you have one bc all the shade from the trees covers the light. But all of these pics were shot on an iPhone so you can still achieve what you want.


Dora Belle

Instagram: @_dorabelle


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