Montego Bay


Tips when preparing the logistics of where to stay and how to get around.

1. Transportation: Uber is NOT available, the options for transportation is bus, taxi or rental car but me personally for safety purposes I would not recommend it. Especially renting a car unless you are from Jamaica and is familiar with the roads, keep in mind that driving is on the left side of the road and the roads are really dark once night falls. Our hotel host at (takuma_hotel) had another host accompany us around town with a gentleman that happens to also be a cab driver. It was a bit expensive, for three days I paid about $180 in transportation however being that we stayed in Montego Bay it was an hour or more drive into Ocho Rios (Dunn’s River Falls) and Negril (Rick’s Cafe). So, if you can, try to book an Air B&B or hotel that can offer transportation arrangements, if not be ready to come out the pockets to get around.
2. Best area to stay in centrally located to everything would of had to be between Ocho Rios or Negril. Montego was beautiful but in my opinion not much to do besides restaurants and shopping.
3. Must see site that I would recommend is the Bob Marley Museum Tour (this is where Bob Marley resided up until his passing) it is located in Kingston, Jamaica. The price was $25 per adult and $12 for children 4-12. The tour is 1 hour and 15 minutes which also includes a 20-minute video presentation. The tour is definitely worth it, the guides are very knowledgeable and the exterior has plenty of beautiful murals of Bob Marley and there’s also a beautiful garden that was planted by his wife. Oh, there is also a snack shack available on the property. You will not be disappointed with the Bob Marley Tour!


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