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Are you over packing and over spending on your vacation?

Hi. My name is Fee King and I love to

. Travel
. Meet people from all walks of life
. Inspire- Encourage and Uplift women over 40 specifically ; but not EXCLUSIVELY!

This will be my second time traveling to the exotic and beautiful Island of Jamaica.

My best friend Of thirty-one year’s invites me to her 50th birthday celebration that was going down in The Dominican Republic.

She called during my midlife crisis. You know that time in your life when everything falls apart and you’re in the midst of rebuilding your WHOLE life.

Our ‘Girlz Trip’ was switched from The DR to Montego Bay, Jamaica last minute; which meant more money.

My goal was to spend my money and time wisely and not return to the States in a deficit, I strategically planned my:

1. Packing time
2. What to pack
3. The appropriate size luggage to accommodate souvenirs and knickknacks.
4. How, Where and with Whom I would spend $$

I googled to learn more about The Jamaican currency after being embarrassed at the bank when I inquired about using ‘Travelers Check’

Here’s how I did it.

#1. Start packing early: 4-6 days before your trip. Don’t pack the night before or day of. You’re getting those butterflies in your stomach imaging the scenery of your upcoming destination, excursions you’ll go on, cutting up with old and new friends; not to mention how many bathing suits to pack, etc !

By doing this; you’ll save $60-$120 in baggage fees.

Did You Know:

You can covert your money at the arrival airport after you get through customs for FREE!

Example; $50 American dollars Conversion equals J$6,474,98.

#2. Be sure to travel with anywhere from $75-$100 in ($1) bills; as tipping is highly recommended.

#3. Convert $100-$300 of your money to The Jamaican dollar for local shopping and eating.

Don’t worry if you’re left over with Jamaican dollars. You can convert them at the airport as long as you keep your receipt.

See the World and pack light!

Fee King

Instagram: @Yahollywoodfitnessgotogurl


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