I enjoy reading about seasoned travelers’ experiences around the world, but what about us newbies? Can we voice our raw experiences for the people who are still scared to book that flight deal? Montreal, Canada was my first solo trip and since then I’ve daydreamed about where to next.
To that first time traveler I dedicate these tips to you:

Let’s start with funds.
You don’t have to spend much to travel. Weekend trips work because it’s cost-effective. My flight to Montreal was $261 round trip on delta. It’s possible to spend less than $500, just catch those flight deals!

I like to know my environment. Get off TheShadeRoom and do research on where you’re heading. “No shade.”
Find out what the nightlife is like, which areas to avoid and how to get around town.

Trip itinerary.
I want my family to know where I am for safety reasons. I create a day-to-day itinerary for them to know my whereabouts.

Pack light.
I will never use a full-size luggage again! I pack light to avoid airport fees! On my last trip I packed four days’ worth of clothes in my purse! Yes, my purse! Just pack your favorites.

Google Maps.
It works great for those traveling by foot, car and public transportation. This app is critical to have and is less expensive than Uber.

Don’t stand out.
Leave the flexing for your hometown.

Hostels have become very popular over the years and it’s cost effective. You can spend $20-$55 a night depending on the location and the accommodations provided. You’ll meet other solo travelers and hear their stories about traveling the world (inspiring much?). FYI, hostels do not allow locals to stay. So, you won’t dorm with a homeless person.

I would recommend Montréal, Canada to a first time solo traveler. Old Montréal to be specific. It gives off European feels, the locals are friendly and the poutine is delicious!

To all my seasoned solo travelers please guide us and share something you would’ve done differently on your first solo trip.

Aurelie Victoria

Instagram: @aurelie_victoriaaa


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