Naples & Pompeii


What’s good family? I did Southern Italy on a very modest budget and soon you’ll be able to do the same.

I found an adorable Airbnb in Naples for 29€ a night. My apartment was located next to the Piazza Amedeo train stop. The Piazza Amedeo area is very convenient, clean and super cute with plenty of restaurants, grocers, and cafes.

Getting Around:
From Naples Airport take the Alibus for 5€ to Piazza Garibaldi. Piazza Garibaldi is the central train station. I always used the train to get around Naples. Train tickets cost 1,50€ and can be purchased from the small kiosks at the train station. The kiosks accept all cards including American Express.

Where to eat:
If you’re staying close to Piazza Amedeo I recommend L’Ostricaio for a nice evening meal. I had a beautiful crab dish and I chose the crab that I wanted from the fish tank. You can check out my experience at Ristorante L’Ostricaio via my Naples Instagram Highlight.
Remember the movie Eat, Pray, Love when Julia Roberts had lunch at a pizzeria in Naples? The name of that restaurant is called Pizzeria Michele and they serve only two types of pizza, Margarita Pizza with cheese or without. I elected for the Margarita with cheese for only 7€ and it was absolutely exquisite. Another great pizza place to check out in the Piazza Amedeo area is Pizza Martucci.

Naples to Pompeii:
From Piazza Amedeo I bought a round-trip Trenitalia train ticket for Pompeii for roughly 8€ and the ride lasted about 45 minutes. Upon exiting the Pompeii train station it takes about 30 minutes to walk to the Ruins. There are no buses to take you to the Ruin. During summer I advise against walking from the train station to the Ruins because it’s too hot.
Upon exiting go to the small store on the left and inquire about the shuttle to the Ruins entrance. The charge for the shuttle one-way should be no more than 4€. During your visit to the Ruins pay a bit extra for a tour guide, have them show you the most important exhibits, and be done in a couple of hours.

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