Personalize Your Special Offers With These 6 Examples


Most revenue managers and directors of sales and marketing know that their guest profile changes often—especially seasonally. But what they don’t always know is how to keep up. Responding to and even anticipating your guest profile isn’t always as simple as forecasting your RevPar.

According to Principal Product Marketing Manager at Adobe Drew Burns, personalization is key to keeping up with customers in all industries. Weathering rapid change, says Burns, means developing a deep understanding of your audience and using that to pivot both digital engagement and in-person experiences.

Hotels and resorts specifically have a secret weapon when it comes to personalization: special offers and packages. At their best, special offers and packages utilize insights from both marketing and revenue management data. They also offer a bottom-funnel digital experience that can seamlessly integrate with in-person adventures.

Get inspiration to personalize your own special offers from six hotels and resorts who’ve updated their offerings to keep up with COVID-19.

Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa

Located in sunny Vero Beach, Costa d’Este has amassed a local following for their idyllic beachfront location and elevated spa services. Guests, primarily from the state of Florida, tend to come back year after year. Because their audience is largely within driving distance, Costa d’Este rewarded their loyalty with a drive market-focused special offer.

Their “Treasured Road Trip” package encourages prospective guests to take a tour along the Treasure Coast on their way to Costa d’Este—and snag 25% off while they’re at it.

Takeaway #1: If you know the majority of your guests often come from a particular location, consider crafting a special offer that speaks directly to the behaviors of that market.

Hotel Lincoln

Many industry experts have declared 2020 the year of the road trip. Travelers trust the cleanliness of their own cars over the many touchpoints they’ll face in the airport and on the plane.

Hotel Lincoln, too, expects to see an influx of guests from their drive market. Located in Chicago’s vibrant Lincoln Park neighborhood, Hotel Lincoln often sees people drive into the city from rural Illinois and surrounding states. Since even more people may be driving than in summers past, they now offer a “Park for a Penny” package. This can save guests as much as $60.

Takeaway #2: Make visiting your hotel easier for prospective travelers by catering to the shared attributes of their travel patterns, like driving. 

Skamania Lodge

Many workers around the world are working from home until further notice. Those workers deserve a getaway, too, even if they can’t get time off work.

Skamania Lodge is already known as an escape from the city, thanks to its rural and scenic location on the Columbia River about an hour outside of both Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington. They now offer a “Work with a View” package, which invites people to work remotely from their lodge–and enjoy a special discounted rate while they’re at it.

Takeaway #3: Speak to your prospective travelers in a way that resonates with a tangible need. Right now, that means a change of scenery as people continue to work remotely. 


Suncadia Resort

More than ever, travelers are in search of wide-open spaces. Seattleites have fled the city for Suncadia Resort’s lush property for the decades it’s been open, but that takes on new meaning in a world with coronavirus. Suncadia knows that prospective travelers are craving the great outdoors, so they decided to reach out to them directly via a special offer.

Their “Reconnect with the Outdoors” offer both highlights their scenic and rural location while also calling out those who want to spend more time outside,.

Takeaway #4: Offer something of the present moment that speaks to something your prospective guests truly want or need.

Brasada Ranch

Your best special offers might focus on the experience of your hotel or resort. This is the case for Brasada Ranch, a guest ranch in Powell Butte, Oregon. Brasada Ranch’s best feature is its sprawling 2,000-acre property with endless views and plenty of space per person. Their “Summer Sanctuary” experience showcases their unique amenities while also meeting the need of their prospective guests to travel safely.

Brasada Ranch’s microsite for their “Summer Sanctuary” promotion includes information like the number of acres per person they can offer, options to work remotely from their property, and explanations of what they call “the ranch life.” They make rural living accessible.

Takeaway #5: Play up your hotel or resort’s best features. A great special offer or inclusive experience will bridge the gap between what you have to offer and what your prospective guests are looking for. 


Crafting a special offer is both an art and a science. It’s diving into your property data to understand what types of guests are interested in your hotel or resort, which are actually booking a stay at resort, and what features or amenities are what attracted them to making that purchase. The best data will combine input from revenue management and marketing to ensure you capture the entire picture.

Data points in-hand, it’s about crafting a special offer that will sweeten the deal for those who already have your hotel or resort in mind. The five offers above do just that by combining compelling aspects of their property with the wants and needs of their prospective guests. Take inspiration from these hotels and resorts as you personalize your own packages.

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Read MoreMost revenue managers and directors of sales and marketing know that their guest profile changes often—especially seasonally. But what they don’t always know is how to keep up. Responding to
The post Personalize Your Special Offers With These 6 Examples appeared first on Screen Pilot.


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