Benefits of Traveling Alone.

In my opinion….

1. No one to filter your experience: you don’t have to split your attention between your own experience and the experience of your companions. You can allow yourself to be more engaged in the moment.

2. You can do what you want, when you want, how you want: You can be spontaneous without accounting for anyone else’s feelings or reservations. Think of things that you’ve missed out on just because the next person or the “rest of the group” wasn’t interested. Not the case here! If you want to sleep in until 12pm or be at a certain spot until 2am, it’s whatever. Do you!
3. Meeting People: If you are not a conversationalist, you’re going to have to push yourself out of that little box. You will meet people you would’ve never met if you were traveling with a group because when you travel with people, you tend to focus most of your attention on them. Also, people tend to be more willing to share ways for you to have a great time just because you did trave
4.Time for Reflection: Again, no distractions from others…just you and your thoughts. It makes you realize that you never get time alone to do this in the most authentic way possible.

If you wait for certain experiences while “waiting on friends/people,” then you will almost always miss out on opportunities. That just goes for anything in life. Don’t wait on people. Just Do It!


Ihuoma E. Ukoh


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