Prague is hands down one of the most picture perfect cities I have been to in Europe! Flew in on Ryanair, fun fact make sure you check in 2 hours before on your phone or you will get hit with a 55 pound fee…

Prague is super cheap! We took uber from the airport to our Airbnb and paid about $20. After dropping our things off we took another Uber to the Lennon Wall for about $10. There was public transportation, but we opted for Uber to maximize our time. We took in all of the top touristy sites Prague had to offer by foot within 2 hours! It is a pretty easy town to navigate. Many people speak English and are very helpful.

We ended the night at The Duplex, which was free for women that enter before 11. The drinks were so good, the music was lit, we were rooftop and had a beautiful view. When it got chilly they brought us nice warm blankets. We had 4 drinks and paid about $25.

Prague is another city, that doesn’t sleep. Stores, restaurants and clubs were open past 2am.

The money they use is the Czech Crown, but some places also take euros. I found that most places took my debit card.

Lastly a must try is the deliciousness called a tredelnik! It is like a sugary donut cone. You can fill it with fruit, ice cream or something more savory! I opted for ice cream and it was delicious!

Marquita Butler

Instagram: @travelista3


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