Sharm El Sheikh


If you’re heading to the pyramids, add a few days for the beach town of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Our hotel was a 5-star Hyatt resort. The people were so friendly and the Hyatt had its own private beach on the Red Sea. Though the rooms were a little dated, they were huge and each had a balcony. It was perfect for less than $100 USD/night.

Things to do: The excursion shop at our resort offered parasailing and quad biking (4-wheelers) through the desert for $250 Egyptian pounds ($15 USD) each.

Naama Bay is an area with restaurants, shops and bars that stay open all night serving the strongest hookah I’ve ever had. The DJs played whatever we requested all night (The Wobble, Drake, New Orleans Bounce, etc.) ALL drinks were $50 Egyptian pounds each ($3 USD) and hookah was free with drinks. (Side note: They love Crank That by Soulja Boy, lol.) They also had a McDonald’s, which tasted magically delicious at 3 a.m.

Security is extremely tight! Before entering the resort area, all cars are checked (with guns and dogs). Also, each person and bag must be scanned. At the airport, they ran their fingers through our braids and even pulled some of our ladies aside for more thorough searches and questioning.

Sharm El Sheikh is also popular for diving & there are several casinos in town. It’s illegal for Egyptians to gamble there, so those casinos are only for tourists.

The flight from Cairo was only about an hour, and it was less than $150 roundtrip on EgyptAir. Of the five cities we visited in Egypt, this one was our favorite!


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