It’s one thing to travel, but it takes courage to travel solo.From the dangers of insecurities to the feeling of loneliness and boredom, for some, Solo Travel is something they can never handle. But today I bring you the essentials you need.
1.Make that decision-it must be an intentional decision, you need to get into the right frame of mind and be prepared to carry yourself as a citizen of the world.
2.Choose the perfect destination-For several reasons your favorite place may not necessarily be the place you want to tour alone.The hack is exploring a close city for a start or a weekend getaway is also a great
3.SAVE for your trip – Being broke on a vacation is hard. Being broke while solo travelling is horrible! Always research and ask questions to know how much everything will cost from transportation to lodging etc
4.SAFETY 101 – Inform at least one close family member or friend.
5. Pack lightly and make a smashing Playlist- Ensure to pack a few comfy clothes/shoes, a heel or two for the wild nights, not forgetting essentials like a charging bank, the right adapter, selfie sticks,camera, water bottle and your ID’s.
*APPY Life- Did you know there’s an app for almost everything? There is even an app to rent a Family or Friends in Japan. Well, I know that setting off into the world is always a little intimidating, but as ever, technology is here to help. From helping connect with like-minded travellers, to staying safe and tracking down unique local experiences, here are some of the best free apps for solo traveler ;
-Red Zone
-ICE – In Case of Emergency.
-Bumble BFF
-Google Translate
-OFFLINE apps- XE Currency, Free Wifi Finder, Google maps and TripIt
*Blend In- Having all these apps can be amazing but, on your end, you should always try to blend in and be involved, don’t be afraid to try new but SAFE things like an evening exploring with back packers or just a random afternoon cooking class with a local.


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