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Taipei, is a very clean and organised city, coming from london this makes a change. Everyone queues orderly at the Metro too, nothing like the london undergrounds.
Getting Around
If you’re not a local, you’ll struggle to go by taxi, if you don’t speak their language! Stick to Uber. Taipei, is not like Bali or Thailand you’ll struggle to find a English speaking local. Also, if you’re going to take the local taxi bring headphones. Their metre beeps every 5 Taiwanese dollar! Very annoying.
Where to Eat
To be honest out of all the Asian countries I’ve been to, I wouldn’t say Taiwanese food was the tastiest, but out of my 5 days travel, here are the 3 must try places.
– Modern toilet restaurant, your food is served in a small toilet bowl, your drink is served in a plastic urinal, strange right?
– Head to the rice bar, on the 3rd floor on the miramar shopping mall you’ve got to try their sugar cane wrapped shrimp!!
– And lastly head down to Shilin Night Market, Taipei’s biggest and most well-known night market. This place is known for local ‘delights’. Beware though they serve a popular stinky tofu dish which smells really bad. But apparently tastes really nice. It’s open 3pm – 12am daily.

What to See
1. Take the train to Pingxi and launch a sky lantern into the sky. You can write a positive message on it or do what most people did. Write your Instagram @, and hope someone above in the sky will follow you ‍♂️

2. Once you’ve sent your follower request to the skies above take a bus to Juifen, an old seaside mining town that has developed into an amazing tourist attraction filled with cafe, souvenir shops, museums and tea houses. It does get crowded, so get there around 10am.

3. National revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine (where this photo was taken), if you love history this is a go to place. It’s free and you can watch the changing of the guards. It’s also a good place to take pictures. The guards change on the hour.


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