There’s lots to see and do so pick your top 2-3 destinations and make sure you spend at least 3 days at each location
Top tips:
1. Pack light especially if you’re visiting multiple cities. We went in November so it was hot with a light drizzle here and there. Mix and match tank tops with shorts/linen pants/maxi dresses to get the most out of your outfit changes
2. Most hotels don’t have irons/ironing boards so roll your clothing to avoid wrinkles
3. At the time we went went USD = about 30 Thai Baht(super cheap!) and there are currency exchange places in every city so don’t feel pressured to exchange your USD at the airport. I exchanged a lil bit with my bank to have cash on hand prior to arriving and exchanged out there as needed
4. Use Grab(Asian Uber) App to get around and if you do use a taxi make them turn on the meter
5. Don’t spend a lot of time in Bangkok as it is busy, dirty, and traffic-heavy. Just use BKK as your hub city and then fly into other cities you may want to visit(inter-city flights were like $25-$75 each way) Chiang Mai is a must: hiking, lots of scenery, cooking classes, night markets with amazing food/live music/drinks for the low low. You’ll see a lot more of the Thai culture up north and there’s lots of cities you can visit that sit within the golden triangle: Burma/Laos/China.
6. If you’re headed South, Phuket or Krabi will be your hub cities and you can take day trips to visit different islands via long tail or speedboats or pick one of the smaller islands and just stay there a few days for total relaxation. I recommend Koh Jum island(can get there from Krabi or Phuket) and stay a few days at the Koh Jum Beach Villas-absolutely beautiful!!
7. Communications: I used the what’s app to FaceTime/call my peeps back home and text for free from my service provider
8. For extended details on how I planned our trip, please check out my full review on my YouTube vlog-link in my bio!!

Janae Pitts

Instagram: @nae_be_trippin


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