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This is me  helping out my fellow frequent travelers who take up a little more space. Or a lot more space… what-evs.

1.) Everyone can see you’re fat. Stop sucking it in and be comfortable in your space.. ALL OF IT.
When I first started flying I’d hide the belt so I didn’t have to face the embarrassment of admitting that it didn’t fit.

This was completely unnecessary. If you find yourself on a flight where the seatbelt is too short ASK FOR A SEAT BELT EXTENDER!

2.) If you cant do it – don’t do it and WHO CARES.

Like seriously if there is something that you cant do – DONT do it and don’t worry about it.  Ain’t nobody trying to die cause the zip line broke or the breeze from the water slide picked my big butt up like a jet and next thing you know I land on the concrete. #HardPass

3.) People are gonna stare.. bask in it!

If you are one of my fellow fluffy women and you haven’t come into the realization that you are a preferred choice then please travel abroad. In Jamaica I was set to be kidnapped, In South Africa  I received many proposals one even came with a ring.

In Thailand they were so amazed that I was the complete opposite of what they considered beautiful yet.. was so beautiful to them.

4.) You are physically stronger than you think.

I got a little stamina but I am not your gym role model. This core strength is waiting to manifest.  That being true I have done many things that have superseded my normal standards and all it took was for me to try! Take the hike, scale the mountain and that cute guy at the bottom of a rope has a pulley system and he is strong so – trust him. You’re in good hands. (then get his number)

I know you weren’t expecting that but.. Getting naked has been one of the most freeing  things that I have ever done. The human body is weird.. and when you are in a room full of naked women and men (tee hee) you can fully see that nobody, and I mean nobody has the body that we are ‘supposed’ to want to achieve.
Its an awesome world out there just waiting for you to own it.

Fat Girl Travel Tips


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