Toronto, Ontario


I tackled Canada in 48 hours. 4 months ago I booked a flight to Buffalo to see Niagara Falls. I heard that you could go to Canada right from a bridge so I booked in Toronto thinking I would be close and could see the Falls afterwards. I arrived in Buffalo but Expedia screwed up my rental car booking so I took a 3 hour ride to Toronto on the Mega bus. Looking back that was a God Sent. I had no cellular service over the border so I would have been lost! I finally arrived in Toronto and the city was lit! The Raptors had just won and the city was in full spirit! The let out was happening and there were horns honking and cheering all through the city! Red and Black! I arrived to my luxurious condo that I booked on Airbnb. This place was phenomenal. Best part was it had an amazing view of the CN Tower which I ran to the next morning. I went to the highest point only to get stuck and have to walk 50 flights back down to the lower observation level. I’m used to mishaps on my solo travels so I rolled with it. I stumbled upon the Mac and Cheese fest just outside in the Beer Garden across from the CN Tower. After chowing down the best Chicken Tikka Mac and Cheese and frozen Mango lemonade, I walked ten blocks back to my Airbnb only to find live Salsa dancing and singing right outside on Fort York Blvd. With a dead phone, I pulled up a chair and took it all in. Afterwards I changed and headed to a Brazilian steakhouse called Copacabana that my friend recommended. The all you can eat food was amazing but they had me most hooked on the Grilled pineapple! Lawd! A short wander from there I found myself in Ballroom. This was a two level pub that was playing my kind of music so I stayed and danced the night away with some really cool people. Early the next morning it was time to go back to Buffalo. Disappointed that I didn’t get to see the Falls, I checked my bags in prepared to wait until my flight. Fait pulled at my heart strings and before you know it I was back over the boarder tasting the rainbow of Niagara Falls.


Instagram: @Wanderlust_katj


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