Fear is what will hold you back from experiencing some of the most wonderful adventures in life
Cuba was that for me ,the culture,people,food and places
Flying into cuba you will need a visa which I got mine at the airport on the day of,
There is 2 different kind of currency used the chavito and pesos however I had the pesos which is more frequently used. If you exchange your funds at the airport you will get 87 for your 100 due to fees , however if you change it with the locals you will get 97 for your 100.

I visited the magua museum from the colonial times where they use slaves to manufacture sugar and rum the cost for this tour with a tour guide cost 1 pesos
Then I headed over to manaca iznaga where I got to climb the bell tower to the top and saw the stunning view which cost 2 pesos

I went ziplining twice , my first stop for ziplining was at el cubano which had a view looking back in the city and partially over the water for 10 pesos,here at el cubano you also get to experience the waterfall by the self propelled boat that cost 5 pesos
Second place was mirador del valle de Los ingenious this is a must, the view is stunning. You will be ziplining with the view of nothing but the view of the mountains. The cost here was $7

On each of these attractions there is always somewhere to eat and grab a refreshment onsite

I rented an Airbnb which didnt have wifi so I had to buy a wifi card for 5 pesos which gives you 5hours of wifi and trust you are more than likely will not be needing more than that becuaase you will have to visit the parks to connect to the wifi.

Beach day I went to Hotel Anchon which sits on the beach and there I was able to enjoy a pina colada and pizza on the beach

I had the experience of visiting 2 clubs first was las cuevas which is under ground in a cave mostly filled with tourists

*Brings hats they are a life saver in cuba you do alot of walking
*Bring your sunscreen
*Travel reason for cuba when choosing is support for the cuban people
*Most important have fun


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