Where’d We Stay?
We stayed at AZULIK, one of the most popular SUPER ecofriendly resorts in Tulum, where Wi-Fi is only offered in certain areas of the premises and there are no lights, no pool, and brown beach water!
We stayed in the middle of the jungle (literally) in the Mayan Villa. The Mayan Villa had a mosaic tile bathtub (no shower), an extra large king size bed, and one bed fan (no air conditioning). We spent a few late nights on our beautiful balcony enjoying the cool refreshing breeze, and jacuzzi. Again, there are NO LIGHTS in the villa, so the resort staff comes by right before sunset and lights a few small candles scattered around the room.

AZULIK has 3 restaurants – Cenote for breakfast and lunch, Kin Toh and Tseen-Ja for dinner. Kin Toh is an upscale chic dinner restaurant that you’ve probably seen pictures of, where people are on the nets suspended in the air getting a beautiful view of Tulum. Kin Toh is pricey and the food portions are small.

What’d We Do?
RELAX and REGROUP!!! Lol. This trip was literally for rest and relaxation and that’s exactly what we did, we didn’t leave the resort for any reason. We spent all of our time relaxing in our villas, taking pictures, and at the brown water beachfront cabana eating fresh crab guacamole and having margaritas!

For more detailed information and a video tour of our villa at AZULIK, visit our travel blog www.doubledoseofla.com ✨

Barenese & Shavonti

Instagram: @Barenese & Shavonti


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