To kick off another year around the sun, some of my best friends and I traveled to Ubud, Indonesia from our Airbnb in Seminyak, Indonesia to visit the beautiful Tegallalang rice terraces. Unreal.

We hired a driver for 10 hours (balimadetour.com) – which was approximately $15/pp to take us wherever we wanted for the day. Let me tell you, our several flights to Bali were worth it! While entrance to the terrace itself is free, you’ll be asked to pay for pictures you take with swings, workers, or any chairs set up in the terrace that have great views. You can expect to pay 10,000 IDR which is about $0.72.

Roaming around to soak up the views does not require a tour guide. There’s a pretty straightforward path you can take. My advice is get there early! We got there around 8 AM and by 10 AM it was packed. Early arrival ensures pictures without several people in your photo and less chances of the terraces getting super muddy and ran through for the day (we had a mishap in our group) If anyone is planning to go, let me know!

Kilandra Bass

Instagram: @two_kz_


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