Step One: Client Consultation..

Before we start work on your web site, we have to get to know you. We need to know who you are, what your business does and what your goals are for your web site. We determine how you want your site to look. For example do you have specific colors that you would like associated with your business? Do you have a logo you would like to appear on the page or the header? What sort of information do you need your site to convey? Are you going to sell things on your site or will it be an informative site only? Do you want your site to be flashy and animation-rich, or do you want a cleaner, more austere site? Have you seen some of the web sites of your competitors? Are there any you wish to emulate or avoid emulating? When we feel comfortable that we know what you want and you feel comfortable that we know what you want, we can begin working on the specifics of your Internet marketing solution.

Step Two: Domain Name Registration..


Of course, you can’t have a web site without a domain name. Travel is The New Club will help you find a domain name or names that work well for your business. We will then make sure these names have not already been registered, and will register them for you.


Step Three: Web Hosting

Travel is The New Club offers several web hosting packages. They differ in storage space, available email accounts, security and other options. Obviously, not every business needs the most comprehensive package. Others would do ill without large amounts of storage space and bandwidth. Together we determine which package is best for your needs.

Step Four: Web Site Design..

Working from product- and services-information you provide, Travel is The New Club begins work on the design of your web site. Naturally, we will consult with you often, letting you know of our progress and adjusting the design, images, and text as needed. We will set up your email accounts. Then, if database and/or e-commerce solutions are part of your package, we will collect the necessary information from you (i.e. prices, merchandise descriptions) and will add the features you decided on: shopping carts, credit card verification, automatic inventory, customer tracking, etc..

Step Five: Internet Search Engine Marketing..

As part of website design packages, Travel is The New Club registers your website with the major search engines and directories (i.e. Yahoo, Google, MSN, AltaVista, Lycos). However, this is not enough if you wish to be ranked well under certain keywords or key phrases in internet search engines. For example if you are a Mexican food restaurant in New Orleans, you would probably want to turn up in the first page of search results under key phrases like: mexican food new orleans, or new orleans restaurants. Travel is The New Cluboffers several different search engine marketing packages, that differ in the number of pages of optimization for your website, and dollar amount that goes towards PPC advertising. Once you decide what internet marketing package is best for you, all you have to do is decide under which keywords you want your clientele to find you. You’ll be appearing all over the search results before you know it. For more information about internet marketing services see our search engine optimization FAQ. For a process overview please see our guide for natural search engine optimization.

Step Six and Seven and Eight..

We make sure you’re happy! We don’t stop working for you once we’ve built your web site or done X hours search engine optimization. We are constantly working for you to make sure that you are happy with your internet presence and that your web site is doing exactly the job you want it to.

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