Zakynthos Island


Greece has been a really popular must-see destination over the past few years. Most people tend to visit Santorini and Mykonos but there’s a smaller island called Zakynthos (also known as Shipwreck Island) that is a must-see. It’s also great if you are looking for a more relaxing, down to earth atmosphere

How to get to Zakynthos? After flying into Athens, take a quick one hour flight to Zakynthos. Depending on the time of year, the cost is around $180 USD roundtrip

How to get around? By taxi. Taxi’s cost here are much more reasonable then in other parts of Greece. For example, we only paid 12 Euros to get from the airport to our apartment.

Where to stay? Airbnb is great in Zakynthos and is very affordable and safe. We stayed in a beautiful 2 bedroom penthouse apartment in the city that allowed us to be close to restaurants and the port for $100/night.

How to get to Shipwreck Island? The best way to get there is by boat. Actually, the only way to get access to the beach is by boat. If you are looking to do an excursion, you can take a 4 hour or 10 hour tour to the island from Zante City Town. Our Airbnb host was kind enough to drive us to the furthest point possible and we then took a ferry from there to gain access to the beach.

Are there other things to do besides visit Shipwreck Island? Yes of course! During your stay you can visit the local market, museums, the village of Bohali which features the old castle of Zakynthos city. You can also take an excursion from the Zante City Port to Turtle Island and the Keri Caves.

Bethani Thomas

Instagram: @flyandfro


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