Zanzibar was a destination that exceeded any expectations I had! Zanzibar, a group of islands off the coast of Tanzania, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and even more beautiful people❤️.

Visas- UK, Canadian and American citizens all needs visas, which can be gotten on arrival. $50 for UK and $100 for Americans.

Where to stay- Unless you want to stay in stone town the entire time, make your way to the beach villages ASAP. Nungwi for the most beautiful beaches (but expensive), Paje for great nightlife, Jambiani for a mixture of both. And definitely hotels over Airbnb’s here!

Getting around- Taxis are by far the easiest way to get around The villages. You can book through your hotel and I’d suggest taking contact details of a couple so when you’re out late, you can contact them to pick you up from wherever. Don’t walk on the beach at night! Cycling on the beach is also a lot of fun!

Is it expensive? Depends. You really don’t have to spend lot to fully enjoy your holiday. We spent max $50-$70/day and mostly much less! Eat local, haggle taxi prices reasonably, take advantage of your hotel and try to spend the local currency (Tanzanian Shilling, $1-2290 TZS, £1-2900 TZS)

Must Dos- BLUE SAFARI!! If you do nothing else in zanzibar make sure you do one. It’s a fun day of snorkelling, visiting the blue lagoon, swimming in the ocean, eating super fresh seafood and more! There are so many water sports available here and you can book when you get there, don’t need to book before you come or you’ll overpay. Blue safari should cost $50.

Language- Main language is Swahili (Jambo!) and English is also spoken by quite a few people on the island. Zanzibarians are one of the friendliest people I’ve ever encountered so if you hear someone shout out “Jambo!” to you, don’t be scared, instead be sure to reply “Poa”!

For more information on Zanzibar,there’s a two part Zanzibar travel guide on my blog ( with much more detail, helpful info and prices so be sure to check it out!


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