Five things that people don’t tell you about the pigs on Pig Island in Exuma:

1) They are aggressive and they bite! (A lady on my trip got bit all of TWO times!!) Yes, they are “hoggish” animals by nature but I don’t know why I expected them to be a bit more friendly ‍♀; probably because of all the cute photos I’ve seen on Instagram.

2) Once you have visible food in your hands, they’ll rush towards you and even leap at you. If they are coming at you and you have no food in your hands, just show them your empty palms (as if you’re doing a high five) and they’ll go away. Some may sit if you command them to, before feeding them.

3) If you’re anything like me, after about 15 minutes of trying to interact with, feed them and get photos, you’ll be over these hostile creatures.

4) They defecate in the beautiful, clear, turquoise waters without shame.

5) The piglets will let you hold them if you feed and stroke them simultaneously, otherwise they’ll kick and squeal really loudly.

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