Tips for Petra (One of the New7Wonders of the World)

✔Buy the Jordan Pass before you arrive in Jordan
(it includes your visa entry fee into the country)
✔Bring your passport with you to show ID. (Even though with travels, it’s often recommended to leave it in the hotel safe, they specifically want to see that ID along with your pass)
✔Hike above the Treasury for the amazing views (You don’t need to pay a guide to access the greatest views although you may be told otherwise)
✔Hike all the way to the Monastery and take the steps (both the Treasury and Monastery can be done in one day)
✔ Dress in layers because modesty is the key and the mornings will be cooler and then heat up significantly
✔✔✔Get there at 6a so you can have the place to yourself and people out of your photos! Petra gets insanely crowded so this (just like the Taj Mahal) is best visited right at opening. And if you have the Jordan Pass, you can enter earlier than people who will purchase their ticket that day.

And…Since you’re going to travel all the way to Petra, book a night or two in the desert of Wadi Rum. It’s so much fun and the night star gazing is out of this world.

Claire Johnson

Instagram: @daisyamongroses


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